The Great Pause @ M.I.C.E. Matters

As today, 19th June (Friday), marks the day in which M.I.C.E. Matters and you step into the 2nd phase of the Post Circruit Breaker, we would like to share with you our M.I.C.E. Matters’ journey to reflect on the Great Pause thus far.

On a Personal Level...

We had time to spend time with our loved ones, binge on Netflix, troll endlessly on Facebook, catch up with our favourite books and hobbies (1000 piece jigsaw puzzles), attend online religious services; the list goes on. We became overnight home-chef sensations and knew every Grab delivery rider that rang our doors.  We became more present and at peace until we turned on the news and let our egotistic minds reel.  
We enjoyed the clean air exercising at the park. We could sense that we were awakened, becoming one with Nature and even perhaps, the New Earth - Eckhart Tolle would be delighted to know. We were given a chance to redefine our work/life balance and what really matters to us.                     

As a Team…  

February and March were busy in a different way - updating clients on the Covid-19 situation, revisiting contracts, postponements and cancellations of events, processing what was deemed an endless amount of refunds. And just before the Circuit Breaker on 7th April, we finally completed a major spring cleaning of our two offices and storeroom as well as our digital file library/archives.     

During the two months of April and May, the team had been ‘Zooming In and Zooming Out’, watching webinars, upgrading our IT skills and improving our digital competence on Gamification as a Team Building program.  The “Website Project” that was forever postponed finally got completed: – check it out!

We researched and collaborated with our global partners and now we have 12 new destinations to showcase to our clients; from the Safaris of Kenya and the nomadic grasslands of Mongolia, to the biblical deserts of Jordan and more!     
As a company…

We also took the opportunity to give a cash token sum to most of our regular full-time freelance Tour Managers, as a gesture of solidarity and remembrance during this trying time. In addition, some of the team members banded together to give their time, effort and donations in cash and in kind to the Willing Hearts Charity Organization.    

Moving Forward into a New Normal...

We will still be working remotely until further notice and enjoy this newfound love of WFH. We will continue to engage with our clients, hear, understand  and respond to their concerns and needs. One of our key initiatives will be to update our clients with accurate and relevant information in real-time. 

We will continue to intensify our efforts to Reimagine, Re-engineer and Reinforce our Relationships with our clients and partners.   

Be Rest Assured…

We are in this for the long haul.  As a company, we are financially stable and resourceful, and as a team, our morale and spirits are high. We will be bouncing back stronger and better than ever before.   
In the meantime, stay safe and slim! And do remember:

If It Matters To You, It Matters To Us’.

Best Regards,
Melvyn & Michelle, and Team

If It Matters To You
It Matters To Us